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Back in 1979, there were many players who were featured in Bola Sbobet Hall of Fame unlike now and so many popular players back then noted in this place.


1979’s Bola agen bola spbo Players in Hall of Fame

The system of Hall of Fame is putting the best player every year or every certain year into the hall of fame. However, back in 1979 where Bola Sbobet hall of fame was still new, there were so many players were put inside it. There were around 7 players in this place. Though there were many players there in the same year, those were the world’s best players who had contribution in this game so well.


Bola Sbobet Players in 1979’s Hall of Fame

As the Bola Sbobet player, you should know who they were and why they were in hall of fame such as:


  • Edmond Hoyle

Among other American players who were in the hall of fame, Hoyle was from England and he was the one who wrote “A Short Treatise on The Game of Whist” in 1742 and it was the popular book back then. The book is used often to settle the dispute in the game played by Englishmen. Some centuries later, they played the game based on the Hoyle rules. He was the traditional player among two who were enshrined and he was the charter member also.

  • “Nick The Greek Dandolos”

Dandolos was known as the gambler who played with high stakes and he played in the heads-up game against his opponent, Johnny Moss. After playing for 5 months straightly, there was a rumor that he lost more than $4 million in one game.


Know them well and you can get inspiration from them to be the famous Bola Sbobet player and who knows if one day, you can be featured there too.